Thursday, June 08, 2006

Which Parisian hotels provide handicap services?

These hotels are disabled-person compliant:

Hotel Compliance
Hotel des Mines 1 room
Hotel Favart 1 room
Hotel Malar 1 room
Hotel Millesime 1 room
Hotel Monceau Etoile 1 room
Hotel Aberotel 1 room (twin groundfloor)
Hotel Elysees Ceramic 2 rooms
Hotel France Albion 2 rooms
Hotel Luxembourg Parc 2 rooms
Hotel Amandier 2 rooms and adjacent room for accompanying traveller
Hotel Jardins Eiffel 2 rooms and lift
Hotel Gotty 2 rooms groundfloor
Hotel Forum val de Loire Accès + room
Hotel Napoléon Large access door only
Hotel Victoires Opera several rooms
Hotel de la Bourdonnais YES
Hotel Little Palace YES
Hotel Paris Hotel YES
Hotel Residence des Arts YES
Hotel Waldorf YES