Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What is the Mobilis single-day pass?

Let’s say you stay in Paris only for a day, and intend to see the city rather than just go to Le Louvre museum. It’s likely you will walk and take the metro and buses several times.

Rather than buying a ticket for every metro ride, buy the Mobilis ticket. You pay once, and you can access the metro and take any bus line as many times as you wish during the day. The ticket lasts the whole day, from the first metro train to the last one.

You can also use the single-day pass to take the RER (regional express railway) and even trains at the railway stations, as long as you stay within the number of “zones” of your pass.

“Zones” are concentric circles of varying diameters which determine the price of the fare. Paris is “zone 1” for instance. The immediate outskirts are “Zone 2 and 3”. The larger the circle, the farther from Paris you travel, the higher the fare.

How does it work?

When you buy your Mobilis single-day pass at any metro agent booth, tell the agent how many zones you need. If you intend to stay within Paris, just take a Zone 1 pass. If you need to travel outside paris to the suburbs, but are not sure how many zones you need on your pass, just tell the agent which city you need to travel to and from.

The agent will give you a magnetic pass, on which you must write the date of the day, and your name.

The Mobilis single-day pass

At each metro station entrance, there are tripods through which you enter the metro system. Place your magnetic ticket in the slit, and pick it up befor you pass through the tripod. Don’t forget it, or someone else will benefit from it.

Introduce the pass...

...and do not forget to take it back before you pass the tripod

Keep your pass in a safe place.

How much?

















Where can you buy Mobilis?

At any metro and RER station, as well as in all the railway stations within zones 1 to 8.