Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Paris Visite: what is it?

Paris Visite is a transportation pass which enables you to access any public transportation means: metro, bus, regional express railway (RER), and even the SNCF railroad system within the Ile de France region.

When you visit Paris for a few days and plan on criss-crossing the city, the “Paris Visite” pass is an inexpensive option. Buy it and you can take any bus, and the metro and RER at any time and any number of times.

This pass is valid for 1 to 5 days depending on the option you select.

The travel area is divided in “zones”: Paris is “zone 1”, the outskirts are within “zones 2 and 3”, and the greater Paris (airports, Disneyland, Versailles) extends to zone 5. The outermost areas encompassed in zones 6 to 8 comprise the forests of Fontainebleau and Rambouillet.

The cost of your pass depends on the number of days you buy it for, and the number of zones you select.

How much?


1 day

2 days

3 days

5 days

Zones 1-3





Children 4-11





Zones 1 -5





Children 4-11





Zones 1 - 8





Children 4-11





How does it work?

The « Paris Visite » pass is valid for up to 5 consecutive days, whatever the day you buy it. Your first day starts the first time you use it, and ends at midnight sharp, whether you actually used it for the first time at 6 am or 7 pm.

When you buy your pass at the agent booth, you’ll get a magnetic ticket (which you will use to pass the tripods) and a card in your name.

On the card, write your last name, and your first name. The card features a number which you need to copy on the magnetic ticket on the line showing « Carte N ».

Both must be presented to the metro control agents in case they ask to see your transportation ticket.

Your card

Your magnetic ticket

Each time you take the metro or the RER with your pass, place the magnetic ticket in the tripod slit, get it back (don’t forget it in the machine!), and go through the tripod.

Introduce the ticket...

...and do not forget to take it back before you pass the tripod

Keep the magnetic ticket in a plastic pouch or anything else where it will remain safe and dry.

Where to buy it?

You can buy the Paris Visite pass at any metro and RER stations, as well as in any railway station within the 8 "zones".

A ticket agent booth in a metro station

Other advantages

Besides its low price, the « Paris Visite » pass comes with other benefits. At the time you purchase it, the agent will give you a “Privilèges Checkbook ». Use this coupon book to get discounts from a variety of places such as the Moulin Rouge cabaret, the Bateaux Parisiens (on of the boat operators on the river Seine), the Galeries Lafayette department stores, and the “Sciences and Industries City” – a large themed-up complex on the north-eastern area of Paris (La Villette).